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Forthcoming Anniversaries

The Battle of Toulouse


10 Apr 1814: On 10 April 1814 The Marquess of Wellington led a combined British, Portuguese and Spanish army to attack the Napoleonic forces at Toulouse. The battle was indecisive and only ended after news of Napoleon's abdication on 7 April reached the city. (read more...)

Death of the first Musicologist


12 Apr 1814: Charles Burney died 206 years ago today. He was one of the first serious historians of music. He had been a pupil of the composer Thomas Arne and toured Europe writing accounts of musical life in various countries. (read more...)

Francis Johnson's Birthday

Francis Johnson

18 Apr 1911: Francis Johnson was born this day in Bridlington in 1911. He was an early member of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire and much involved in the conservation and renovation of Georgian buildings, both in the Yorkshire and nationally. His architectural practice was always based in Bridlington and has been carried on at Craven House, a former home of ... (read more...)

Lexington & Concord

Betsy Ross and the first American flag.

19 Apr 1775: On this day in 1775 the first battles of the American Revolution took place in Massachusetts. (read more...)

The most remarkable woman in the kingdom


21 Apr 1814: Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts, was born 206 years ago today as Angela Georgina Burdett. She was the daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Baronet and Sophia, daughter of banker Thomas Coutts. In 1837 she became the wealthiest woman in England when she inherited her grandfather's fortune of nearly three million pounds. She spent her fortune on philanthropy; ... (read more...)

Coronation of Queen Anne

Queen Anne

23 Apr 1702: Queen Anne was crowned this day in 1702. (read more...)

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