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Forthcoming Anniversaries

King George to King William

King William IV

26 Jun 1830: William IV became King this day in 1830 on the death of his brother George IV. (read more...)

Death of Ralph Allen

Ralph Allen

29 Jun 1764: Ralph Allen made his reputation by reforming the postal system in the south west. He invested his money in the stone quarries which supplies stone for John Wood's new terraces in Bath. Allen's own house was Prior Park (1742), built on a hill "To see all Bath, and for all Bath to see". He died 258 years ago today ... (read more...)

Creation of the Longitude Prize

Harrison's Chronometer

1 Jul 1714: In July 1714 Parliament voted "to offer a reward for such person or persons as shall discover the Longitude." The prize led John Harrison to develop the chronometer. (read more...)

Birthday of Christoph Willibald Gluck


2 Jul 1714: 308 years ago today the composer Gluck was born. He is probably best known today for the aria "Che farò senza Euridice?" from his opera "Orpheus and Eurydice" which was made famous by Kathleen Ferrier in the twentieth century. (read more...)

Robert Adam's Birthday

Robert Adam

3 Jul 1728: Robert Adam was born this day in 1728 in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Adam and his brother James took over their father William's architectural practice. Robert and James made a Grand Tour of Europe from 1754 to 58. Robert's study of the ruins of Diocletian's Palace at Spalato in Dalmatia influenced the development of the neoclassical "Adam Style" which became fashionable ... (read more...)

Publication of Waverley

The Scott Monument, Edinburgh

7 Jul 1814: Walter Scott's novel "Waverley" was published 200 years ago today in Edinburgh. It sold out within two days and began a taste for popular historical fiction in the nineteenth century. (read more...)

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