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Forthcoming Anniversaries

Accession of George IV

King George IV

29 Jan 1820: King George IV ascended to the throne this day in 1820. (read more...)

Publication of The Corsair

Lord Byron

1 Feb 1814: On 1 February 1814 "The Corsair", a semi-autobiographical work by Lord Byron, was published in London and sold ten-thousand copies in a day. The opera "Il Corsaro" by Giuseppe Verdi, the overture "Le Corsaire" by Hector Berlioz and the ballet "Le Corsaire" by Marius Petipa were all based on this work. (read more...)

Death of Archbishop Sharp


2 Feb 1714: John Sharp, the Archbishop of York who preached at Queen Anne's coronation died 308 years ago in Bath. (read more...)

Prince Regent

King George IV

5 Feb 1811: George, Prince of Wales and future King George IV, was made Regent this day in 1811 due to his fathers mental illness. (read more...)

Queen Anne's Birthday

Queen Anne

6 Feb 1665: Queen Anne was born this day in 1665. She was the last Stuart monarch. Her reign saw tastes in architecture and furniture moving towards the simpler and more elegant forms that would characterise the Georgian period. (read more...)

Birthday of Queen Anne

Queen Anne

6 Feb 1665: Queen Anne was born this day in 1665. She died childless in 1714 and was succeeded by George I, bringing in the Georgian era. (read more...)

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