Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Forthcoming Anniversaries

The Wold Cottage Meteorite


13 Dec 1795: On this day in 1795 a meteorite weighing 56 lb (25kg) landed in a field close to Wold Newton, East Yorkshire. This event was crucial in establishing the existence of extraterrestrial rocks as a scientific fact. (read more...)

Death of Thomas Rymer, Historiographer


14 Dec 2013: Historiographer Royal, Thomas Rhymer died this day in 1713 and was buried at St Clement Danes Church in the Strand, London. He was the son of Ralph Rymer, lord of the manor of Brafferton in Yorkshire, who was executed for his share in the Presbyterian rising of 1663. Thomas was well known in late seventeenth century literary circles, particularly ... (read more...)

Birthday of Welbore Ellis, 1st Baron Mendip

15 Dec 1713: Welbore Ellis, 1st Baron Mendip (1713-1802) was born. Ellis served as Secretary for the Colonies during the American War of Independence. (read more...)

Birthday of George Whitefield

George Whitefield

16 Dec 1714: 303 years ago today the evangelical leader George Whitefield was born at the Bell Inn, Southgate Street, Gloucester. He becane an Anglican priest and preached a Calvanist form of Methodism in the British American Colonies. He died in Newburyport, Massachusetts in 1770. (read more...)

The War of 1812


18 Dec 1813: 200 years ago today British soldiers and native allies invaded the United States and were successful in the Capture of Fort Niagara. They then attacked Lewiston, New York. (read more...)

Death of Founder Rupert Alec-Smith

Alec-Smith Monument

23 Dec 1983: Rupert Alec-Smith, the founder of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire, died 34 years ago today. A monument to his memory can be found in Holy Trinity Church, Hull. We hope that he would be pleased with the way his work has been continued to the present day. (read more...)

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