Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Forthcoming Anniversaries

Birthday of George IV

King George IV

12 Aug 1762: King George IV was born this day in 1762. (read more...)

Birthday of William IV

King William IV

21 Aug 1765: King William IV was born this day in 1765. (read more...)

The Occupation of Washington DC

Betsy Ross and the first American flag.

24 Aug 1814: On this day in 1814 British troops occupied Washington DC burning many buildings including the Capitol. (read more...)

Death of Bishop Edward Fowler


26 Aug 1714: Edward Fowler was a controversial Bishop of Gloucester. In 1670 he published "Free Discourse in defence of The Practices of Certain Moderate Divines called Latitudinarians". He died this day in 1714. (read more...)

Sheridan Le Fanu


28 Aug 1814: Born 206 years ago today in Dublin, Sheridan Le Fanu is an author remembered for his tales of Gothic horror including "Uncle Silas" and "The Wyvern Mystery". (read more...)

Birthday of Sir John Betjeman

John Betjeman

28 Aug 1906: Sir John Betjeman, poet and founder member of both the Georgian Group and the Victorian Society was born this day in 1906. (read more...)

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