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Forthcoming Anniversaries

Mary Wollstonecraft's Birthday

Mary Wollstonecraft

27 Apr 1759: The philosopher and early feminist Mary Wollstonecraft was born this day in 1759 at Spitalfields, London. In 1768 her family move to a farm close to Beverley in East Yorkshire. She attended a local day school and formed a close friendship with Jane Arden, the daughter of a local intellectual. Mary is bast known for her book "A Vindication ... (read more...)

John Carr's Birthday

John Carr

28 Apr 1723: John Carr was born this day in 1723 in Horbury, near Wakefield. He moved to York when he married in 1746 where he had his architectural practice. He was one of the most prolific architects of the eighteenth century - he had more designs illustrated in "Vitruvius Brittanicus" (Vol. 5 onwards) than any other single architect. His style was ... (read more...)

Wedgewood Pottery

Wedgewood jug

1 May 1759: Josiah Wedgwood founded his pottery this day in 1759. (read more...)

Thomas Gainsborough's birthday

Thomas Gainsborough

14 May 1727: The artist Thomas Gainsborough was born this day in 1727. The son of a Suffolk weaver, Thomas left home for London in 1740 where he studied art with William Hogarth (among others). He initially worked as a decorative artist at Vauxhall Gardens but later became a fashionable portrait painter. He married the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Beaufort ... (read more...)

Attempted Assassination of George III

King George III

15 May 1800: On this day in 1800 James Hadfield attempted to assassinate George III. He fired a pistol at the King in his box in Drury Lane Theatre when he stood for the National Anthem. His shot missed; he was acquitted of attempted murder on the grounds of insanity. (read more...)

Death of John Wood the Elder

John Wood the Elder

23 May 1754: John Wood was the architect of much of Georgian Bath including St John's Hospital, Queen Square, Prior Park, The Royal Mineral Water Hospital, the North and South Parades and The Circus. In 1740 he surveyed Stonehenge; he wrote on the subject of the Druids and is thought to have been a Freemason. He died this day in 1754. (read more...)

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