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Forthcoming Anniversaries

Birthday of A W N Pugin in 1812

AWN Pugin

1 Mar 1812: The architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin was born on this day in 1812. Pugin was, with Charles Barry, co-architect of the Palace of Westminster. His great achievement was to encourage a more academic approach to mediaeval architecture, making the transition from Georgian Gothick to Victorian Gothic Revival. Pugin and his son both worked on the restoration of St Mary's, ... (read more...)

Birthday of C P E Bach


8 Mar 1714: The German composer Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach was born today in 1714 to J.S. Bach and his first wife Maria Barbara. (read more...)

Queen Anne

Queen Anne

8 Mar 1702: Queen Anne ascended the throne this day in 1702. (read more...)

Thomas Arne's Birthday

Thomas Arne

12 Mar 1710: The composer Thomas Arne was born this day in 1710. He is best known today for the song "Rule Britannia!" from his opera "Alfred" and for writing an early version of "God Save the King". (read more...)

Birthday of 2nd Earl Grey

Earl Grey

13 Mar 1764: On this day in 1764 Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, was born. He was Whig Prime Minister from 1830 to 34 and his administration saw the Reform Act of 1832. He is associated with Earl Grey tea, a blend flavoured with bergamot oil; According to one legend, a grateful Chinese mandarin whose son was rescued from drowning by one ... (read more...)

Death of Madame de Pompadour


15 Mar 1764: 256 years ago today Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France, died of tuberculosis at the age of forty-two. (read more...)

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