Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Forthcoming Events

The Society is involved in a number of events around the year, some of which it is the organiser, and others in which it is an active participant or which it wishes to promote to a wider audience. This page lists forthcoming events.

There are also regular visits to properties inside and outside East Yorkshire, which are listed on the Forthcoming Visits page - see elsewhere on this page for a link.

Hull Bach Choir - Handel's "Jephtha"

George Frideric Handel

10 Mar: This magnificent work was to all intents and purposes the last major piece Handel ever composed, for his eyesight began to fail during its composition, and after a botched operation he lost his sight. Although he lived for another eight years and was performing up till the last, any new compositions were either short or alterations of earlier pieces. ... (read more...)

October Social

Beverley Minster

31 Oct: Details to be announced. (read more...)

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