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The Hull Packet, 1836

The Hull Packet, 1836

Photo © Bradford Timeline

This page has all the up-to-date news about activities in East Yorkshire related to the Georgian period. The Society will use this page to announce news about the Society itself, and reports on our recent visits and other events.

Other happenings in the area will be highlighted, like restorations of relevant buildings and their fittings, new publications, and other relevant news.

We will also be highlighting forthcoming events and festivals that we think you might like to know about. You can further keep track of these on our Forthcoming Events page, which has a handy reminder of the details of the next few events.

The Chairman Looks Back: Part 2

Chatsworth House

4 Aug: Visits to private houses Particularly successful are visits to houses not normally open to the public. The Society is really ‘adding value’ here, as other than through membership, it would be impossible to get into such places. There are many examples over the years: Mr Smith’s House at Heslington 2009 – flower displays, garden, slide show; tea and biscuits; ... (read more...)

The Chairman Looks Back: Part 1

David Neave at Sledmere

17 Jul: I have been thinking about what we have missed over the past year: our visits to places of interest. That prompted me to look back over our programmes since 2010 (I wish I had kept the earlier ones, from the mid-1990s when I joined the Society). It triggered many happy memories; it also made me reflect on what makes ... (read more...)

East Yorkshire’s Pilgrim Fathers An illustrated talk by David Neave, filmed at Rowley Church as part of the 2021 Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival

David Neave

6 Jun: David Neave has recorded a talk for the Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival on East Yorkshire's Pilgrim Fathers, which is available online. See link for details. (read more...)

Letter from the Chariman - April 2021

Roger Lewis

9 Apr: Dear Members, I last wrote to you in April 2020, confirming the cancellation (or, we had hoped, the postponement) of the 2020 Events programme. We had managed to hold our 2020 AGM – with an interesting talk and an excellent tea enjoyed by all who attended. And that was our one and only 2020 event. When I wrote that ... (read more...)

Obituary: Barbara Ashwin

Mrs Barbara Ashwin in 2014

13 Feb: Barbara Ashwin (1925-2020) With the death last September of Barbara Ashwin of Londesborough Park at the age of 94, East Yorkshire has lost someone who did much to preserve important aspects of its Stuart and Georgian past. She was passionate about the history, buildings, landscape and people of her community and the conservation and promotion of its unique heritage. ... (read more...)

Christmas in Georgian East Yorkshire

Bringing in the Yule Log

22 Dec: Many aspects of how we celebrate Christmas are said to have been introduced in the Victorian period, some thanks to Prince Albert, but how was Christmas celebrated in Georgian East Yorkshire? Little is revealed in the few possible sources available. Any mentions of Christmas in newspapers are usually to extol the generosity of the landed gentry and others during ... (read more...)

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