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The Hull Packet, 1836

The Hull Packet, 1836

Photo © Bradford Timeline

This page has all the up-to-date news about activities in East Yorkshire related to the Georgian period. The Society will use this page to announce news about the Society itself, and reports on our recent visits and other events.

Other happenings in the area will be highlighted, like restorations of relevant buildings and their fittings, new publications, and other relevant news.

We will also be highlighting forthcoming events and festivals that we think you might like to know about. You can further keep track of these on our Forthcoming Events page, which has a handy reminder of the details of the next few events.

Guided tours of Beverley Minster

Beverley Minster Choir Paving

30 Mar: The tours of Beverley Minster, last Saturday, went well with a number of people from outside the society taking up vacant places. Our day started with a tour of the floor of the Minster led by John Phillips who has studied the building in great detail. Robert Poyser played a piece on the organ which was included on the ... (read more...)

Historical Map of Beverley

Beverley Historical Map

7 Mar: The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire has recently funded An Historical Map of Beverley, which was commissioned by the Historic Towns Trust as part of its Town & City Historical Maps series. Current members of the society have received copiers. Publication was made possible by a generous grant from the GSEY, thanks to the recent legacy from a late ... (read more...)



7 Feb: Please note that our email account has now been repaired by Damian Walker of Cyningstan. We should now be able to respond quickly to your emails. (read more...)

The Georgians

An eighteenth century couple.

7 Feb: BBC Radio 4 has devoted an edition of its "Start The Week" programme to a discussion of the Georgian Period. It can be listened to for a year on the BBC website: (read more...)

Apology regarding emails


24 Jan: We have been having some difficulties with our email account recently and may not have responded to emails sent to us in the last couple of months. We apologise for this and hope to rectify the problem in the near future. (read more...)

Report on the 76th AGM

Alison Larkin

8 Nov: Due to the pandemic our 76th AGM was delayed until the 6th of November 2021. It was held at Kingston Wesley Methodist Church, on Holderness Road Hull. The usual review of the year video was replaced with a half hour retrospective of the last decade of visits arranged thematically. The AGM itself saw the election of two new members, ... (read more...)

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