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The Hull Packet, 1836

The Hull Packet, 1836

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This page has all the up-to-date news about activities in East Yorkshire related to the Georgian period. The Society will use this page to announce news about the Society itself, and reports on our recent visits and other events.

Other happenings in the area will be highlighted, like restorations of relevant buildings and their fittings, new publications, and other relevant news.

We will also be highlighting forthcoming events and festivals that we think you might like to know about. You can further keep track of these on our Forthcoming Events page, which has a handy reminder of the details of the next few events.

Triple 80th Celebration at Sledmere House

Professor John Wilton-Ely

16 Nov: Today saw a triple 80th celebration at Sledmere House: the 80th anniversaries of the foundation of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire and the Georgian Group as well as the 80th birthday of Professor John Wilton-Ely. Members from both societies attended a day of events in the glorious setting of one of the county's most beautiful houses. After coffee, ... (read more...)

John Gordon Lightowler 1922-2017


28 Sep: It is with sadness that we record the death on 29 July 2017 of our President. John Lightowler, who was appointed President of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire in 1999, was a member of the society’s executive committee from the late 1950s. As a trustee of Blaydes House John oversaw the building’s sale to the University of Hull, ... (read more...)

Three Houses in Beverley

Ann Routh's House

15 Sep: On the 15th of September Austen Redman led a tour of three houses in Beverley. This was reprise of a lecture given at the Georgian Festival in 2014 and precedes the publication of a book on the same subject. The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire would like to thank Mr Chapman of Kavanagh's Restaurant (Ann Routh's House), Mr & ... (read more...)

Book Review: The Accomplished Lady: a History of Genteel Pursuits c. 1660–1860 by Noël Riley

The Accomplished Lady

5 Jul: This is a book of more substance than its subject matter may suggest. As one would expect from the Oblong press, the book is beautifully designed with numerous excellent colour illustrations and high quality printing and binding. Noël Riley’s very readable, but thoroughly researched and well referenced, text gives real insight into the lives of upper-class women in a ... (read more...)

Brigg Trip Cancelled


15 Jun: Unfortunately, due to low demand, the trip to Brigg in July has now been cancelled. (read more...)

Troops at the Beverley Gate

The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote

24 Apr: Yesterday was the 375th anniversary of Sir John Hotham's refusal to allow King Charles I entry into the City of Hull by the Beverley Gate. The event was commemorated by a brief play and by the presence of The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote - part of the Sealed Knot Society. (read more...)

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