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The Hull Packet, 1836

The Hull Packet, 1836

Photo © Bradford Timeline

This page has all the up-to-date news about activities in East Yorkshire related to the Georgian period. The Society will use this page to announce news about the Society itself, and reports on our recent visits and other events.

Other happenings in the area will be highlighted, like restorations of relevant buildings and their fittings, new publications, and other relevant news.

We will also be highlighting forthcoming events and festivals that we think you might like to know about. You can further keep track of these on our Forthcoming Events page, which has a handy reminder of the details of the next few events.

Mike Wynn leads walk around Driffield.

Mike Wynn.

15 Jun: There was a full turn out for Saturday’s walk around Driffield led by historian Mike Wynn. The walk started in the old parade ground adjoining the Public Library before progressing to the Parish Church and North End Park, believed to be the site of the earliest settlement. Our route around the east of the town took in the former ... (read more...)

Update on Driffield Trip


9 Jun: Details of the Driffield trip have been updated and can be seen on the Visits page. See the links on the right of this page for links to the update and to an A4 map showing the locations of the Library, railway station and local parking. (read more...)

White not Brown

Thomas White (c. 1736-1811): Redesigning the northern British landscape

24 May: Deborah Turnbull & Louise Wickham, Thomas White (c. 1736-1811): Redesigning the northern British landscape, Windgather Press, 2022, 272pp. ISBN 978-1-91442-700-8, £39.99 Everybody has heard of Capability Brown, but few are familiar with the name Thomas White who was the most prolific landscape gardener in northern Britain during the second half of the eighteenth century. This long-awaited and well-produced book, ... (read more...)

Trip to Watton and Beswick

Watton Abbey 2022

16 May: The history of Watton Abbey is perhaps more suited to a dark and stormy night than to the bright May noontime of our visit. The house is a small fragment of a huge Gilbertine Priory, little of which now remains above ground level. We were shown around the house, and the recently restored barns by the current occupants Mr ... (read more...)

Guided tours of Beverley Minster

Beverley Minster Choir Paving

30 Mar: The tours of Beverley Minster, last Saturday, went well with a number of people from outside the society taking up vacant places. Our day started with a tour of the floor of the Minster led by John Phillips who has studied the building in great detail. Robert Poyser played a piece on the organ which was included on the ... (read more...)

Historical Map of Beverley

Beverley Historical Map

7 Mar: The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire has recently funded An Historical Map of Beverley, which was commissioned by the Historic Towns Trust as part of its Town & City Historical Maps series. Current members of the society have received copiers. Publication was made possible by a generous grant from the GSEY, thanks to the recent legacy from a late ... (read more...)

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