Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

The Society and Its Activities

The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire is for all those interested in the history and culture of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The society promotes scholarship of subjects relating to the Georgian period and campaigns for the preservation of Georgian Architecture in Hull & East Yorkshire. Society members may participate in lectures and visits to historical sites.

The Society's Objectives:

1. To preserve buildings from destruction or disfigurement, especially those of the Georgian period, of architectural and historic interest in Hull and the East Riding.

2. To safeguard the setting of such buildings and to maintain or enhance the character of areas of architectural interest and scenic beauty.

3. To afford advice to owners and public authorities on the preservation and repair of such buildings and the uses to which they might be adapted, where necessary.

4. To stimulate public appreciation of the architectural and historic heritage of Hull and the East Riding.

History of the Society

GSEY Newsletter

In 2012 the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire celebrated its 75th anniversary. It was in January 1937 that Rupert Alec-Smith proposed the formation of a special Georgian committee of the East Riding Antiquarian Society 'to deal with making a list of buildings of that period in our Riding, and any other matters deemed necessary with regard to the preservation ... (read more...)

Publications by the Society

Seventy-fifth Anniversary Volume

The Society has published a number of books and DVDs which are available for purchase. These cover a wide range of subjects, from architecture and landscaping, to literary figures and commerce. These publications can be purchased direct from the Society. If you are interested in one of the products below, then please download the appropriate order form (see link ... (read more...)

Files to Download

This page offers a number of interesting documents that you can download. As well as membership leaflets and order forms, you can also download some old newsletters issued by the Society in the past. (read more...)

Membership of the Society

Membership is open to anyone interested in the Georgian period. There are separate rates available for individuals, for families and for corporate membership. The Society's activities for members include visits during the summer months to buildings of interest, both locally and in other parts of the country. Occasional lectures are held in Hull during the winter. (read more...)

Contact the Society and Its Committee

The easiest way to contact the society is through its email address, for which there is a link at the bottom of every page. You can also keep in touch with us on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. There are icons for these at the bottom of every page. If you need to contact a particular committee member ... (read more...)

Current Campaigns

Statements and information regarding buildings under threat in East Yorkshire. (read more...)

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