Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Built With Elegance and Style

Hull and East Yorkshire have an abundance of Georgian architecture; from urban terraces, to cottages, to grand mansions.

A World of Culture

This area was not without its share of artists, writers and musicians during the Georgian period.

A Polite and Commercial People

Science and Industry made great advances in the Georgian Period, and the great Yorkshire port was poised to take advantage...

Affected by the Wider World

War and politics had their effect on East Yorkshire in the Georgian period. And the region played its own part.


Georgian carving

Welcome to the web site for the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire. The Society is for all those interested in the history and culture of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. We promote scholarship of subjects relating to the Georgian period. On this web site you'll find information about our activities. You'll also find information about East Yorkshire and the wider world during the Georgian Period. We hope you enjoy your visit to the site, and find plenty to keep you entertained!