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Ampleforth Abbey, North Yorkshire

Ampleforth Abbey

Ampleforth Abbey

The English Benedictine Priory fled Dieulouard in Lorraine and settled at Ampleforth in 1802 into a Georgian house to the NE of the church. The first school building is of 1861 by Charles Hanson, the monastery of 1894-8 by Bernard Smith. The New Church is by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, begun in 1922 and completed in 1961, with its main façade facing south.

The Gothic bridge over the road connects the abbey to the burial ground and is thought to predate the 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act, its purpose being to shield the monks from view as they crossed the road.

On the north side of the Oswaldkirk road is an interesting pair of modernistic boarding houses by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, dating from 1934. Scott is famous as the architect of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Battersea Power Station and the telephone box, and he was also related to �The Three John Scotts�, the hereditary vicars of St Mary Lowgate, Hull.

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