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Rievaulx and Nunnington Visit

Rievaulx Terrace

Rievaulx Terrace

Saturday, 16th April 2011

The Society enjoyed a successful visit to Rievaulx Terrace and Nunnington Hall. The morning was bright and sunny and although it clouded up in the afternoon the threatened rain didn't come to anything.

The Rievaulx Terrace is a gently curving grassy walk which gives dramatic views of the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in the valley below. The ends are marked by two temples designed by Sir Thomas Robinson in the 1750's. The circular Tuscan Temple was not opened, but cleverly placed mirrors on the window cills allow the painting at the apex of the dome to be viewed from the outside. The Ionic Temple, which was open, is lavishly furnished and has a magnificent painted ceiling by Giuseppe Mattia Borgnis (1701-61).

The gardens of Nunnington Hall were resplendent with daffodils, fratileris and cherry blossom. The house itself has an unclear history, but is predominantly C17th in style. Nunnington was restored by Walter Brierley (1864-1926) in the 1920's and it is the atmosphere of that period that predominates inside. Exhibitions in the attic included the Carlisle Collection of Minature Rooms and a survey of cartoon art from the last three centuries which had many members laughing out loud.

Nunnington Hall, North Yorkshire

Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall occupies a tranquil setting on the banks of the River Rye. The owners were the Grahams, Viscounts Preston until the 19th century. The house is mainly of two periods: the west side is late 16th century (with mullioned windows and a jumble of chimneys and gables); the south side is 1680 � added by Richard Graham, first ... (read more...)

Rievaulx Terrace, North Yorkshire

Rievaulx Terrace

Created in 1758, this is really part of the landscaping of Duncombe Park. The terrace is wide and gently curving, with attractively placed groups of trees and ever-changing views down towards the River Rye, including views of Rievaulx Abbey. At either end of the terrace is a temple, one Ionic in style and the other Doric. The Ionic temple ... (read more...)

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