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A New Picture of Georgian Hull, by Ivan & Elisabeth Hall

Georgian Hull Cover

Georgian Hull Cover

First Published in 1978, this book is a vital reference for local historians:

This is the first book devoted to the architectural heritage of 18th and earlier 19th Century Hull. The many illustrations, almost all taken especially for the purpose, reveal not only the principal surviving buildings, but also record some of those recently demolished. There is a full chapter upon the art and architecture commissioned by the Trinity House. Special attention has been paid to Hull craftsmen - as silversmiths or painters of stage scenery, as woodcarvers, stonemasons or ornamental plasterers, and emphasis has been placed upon the development and continuity of local style from the latter half of the 17th to the first half of the 19th centuries.


'A Georgian Fanfare for Hull: a plea for the future" -This is the heading of John Cornforth's illustrated article, based on 'Georgian Hull'.


The book is a model of its kind and I hope the authors, who have already produced a similar book on Beverley, get the chance to deal with other towns in the same way. (Dan Cruickshank)


There is a great deal to learn from the book, and a great deal to enjoy; ... it is richly supplemented by good clear photographs . . . (Derek Linstrum)


The book is full of splendid photographs of staircases and ornately plastered ceilings looked at from below ... (Pamela Rae)


'Georgian Hull' is a visual feast of almost 300 illustrations, accompanied by a lucid and revealing text which has obviously been researched in great detail by authors who love their subject . . . the result is one of intense pleasure. (John Humber)

NORTHERN ECHO (Darlington)

The Halls . . . discover a wealth of architectural beauty and/or history, inside and outside houses and along the quays of a great port . . .

Published by Sessions Ltd, 1978/9

ISBN 0 900657 43 X

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Maister House, Hull

Maister House

The building's sober facade hides one of the most fascinating interiors in the city; and a story of wealth, tragedy and high art. The wealth belonged to the Maister family. The Maisters were one of a number of merchant families who lived on Hull's High Street and traded with ports around the North Sea and Baltic. The family originated ... (read more...)

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